Hey all…

Looks like Dan’s quite interested in what Orion wrote.



Also…I REALLY need your help.

I have these sketchcards…remember?


Well I want to get them to those of you who can’t come to the cons I am guests at.

But…I found out while at the con…doing 10 sketches in a row is TOUGH.

It takes me about 10 minutes per sketch (Hey…I don’t draw these characters often…cut me some slack).

So I need to figure out a way to get you guys these cards…and not kill me too.

So…here’s some options….let me know your thoughts.

1) 10 sketchcards (no sketches) $?

2) 1 sketchcard with character sketch on it ($5)

3) All 10 sketchcards with 10 sketches…$???

4) All 10…but pick ONE to get a sketch on it? ($??


I’m at a loss here. I’d rather even give them away as I mentioned. And we gave out about 500 of them at the con. But that was gift with purchase. (and a lot were individual purchases too).

So…what can I do?

Also…I’ll be posting some color ones on ebay too. At some point.

Oh…and of course we’re still collecting cards from other creators for the First Book charity. But I’ve got more coming.


Anyways. thanks in advance.