Hey all!

I hope you enjoyed this week. I know I did.

Donna comes home tomorrow. The boys will be happy…as will I.

I updated the VOTE INCENTIVE today. So check it out.

I have some images from the comic itself I may just update daily with those.

But I’ll let you know every time I do.


the nice folks at the TGT podcasts are doing a tournament of past guests.

We’ve already made it to the 3rd round. So I thought I’d say thanks to those that voted us there.

And let you know…as of today…Round 3 starts.


You can vote HOURLY. So if you’re bored. Give us (and your other favorite guests) a vote.


And finally…

We really only got 2 reviews from you guys on Amazon. So here’s the link again.


We get over 20,000 unique readers a day on this site. So I’m a bit surprised only 2 readers left reviews.

Come on! Silly Rabbits!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL weekend. And I look forward to seeing you guys here (bright and early) on Monday!