See? He showed them the medicine bag. Like I promised.

And now…I have a thing to mention…

On Amazon…they now have AUTHOR PAGES.

Which is kinda cool. So as I was adding my goofy mug shot and bio…I realized. I have a lot of books out. And more coming soon.

Which is cool.

But I also noticed the severe lack of REVIEWS on amazon. I mean. I know a lot of you have the books.

So…if you have some time. At any point of time….

Please give your HONEST review of the books. I don’t want anyone lying. If you want/need to leave a mediocre or even bad review on ANY of my books…PLEASE do it. I just would like to let future readers have the benefit of YOUR experience when deciding to buy my books.

Thanks in advance.

And as always…thanks for reading.