Hey all!

It’s a new month. We’ll try the vote incentive thing again.

Per your requests. Here’s Astoria. It was an easy one. Since I’d already had it done for the book.


So feel free to give us a vote. I put up a small image of the picture below. So you can see what desktop you’d get.


I put up a post below. About an Amazon Wishlist.

I just wanted to clarify something. A lot of you asked for some EXTRA way to support us. And honestly…I’m not comfortable with a donation button. So some had recommended making a wishlist.

Well…I got bored last week (still in post con blues)…and made a wishlist.

So here it is. For those who wanted to do something nice.

My Amazon.com Wish List

As I say below. I am NOT requesting people buy me stuff. We’re totally fine.

But if people want to be nice and in their own way “thank” me for the work…I’d prefer this over money. I know…I’m silly like that.

So there you are.

And lastly…

New Music on the Jukebox!

Edge of the Ocean…I actually followed someones link on Twitter. They’re a Photographer and had cool music on their site. So I bought the song.

Runnaway….I always loved the video. And this song feels dreamy in its ways.

Millenium. Kind of an older but fun song.

Cruisin. I can’t believe that’s Gwyneth Paltrow singing with Huey Lewis. Wow.

Woman in CHains. I heard this song when Donna and I were on our Honeymoon. 16 years ago. We were on a bus driving through the jungles of Mexico. Coming home from seeing the Mayan pyramids of Chichen Itza.

It was hot…bumpy…and a long ride. I was half asleep. Heard this song…and it STUCK.

When we got home…I tracked down the song. Took me a bit…as we didn’t have INTERNET back in those days.


Anyways. Hope you like. And hope you all have a wonderful week!