Hey all!

So…Daniel left a note for Alex…eh?


I’m headed to Los Angeles on Sunday for meetings with studios.

We’ll be catching up on some of my projects we’re turning into film…and hopefully some more talk about a Dreamland feature. We’ll see.

After that…San Diego Comic Con.

I’ve been working hard at finalizing the next week’s worth of pages so of course…none of you will miss a page.


Also…I wanted to let you all know about the Charity Auction I’ll be doing.

At the con…I’ll be getting some of my fellow artists to do sketches on the back of the new Sketch Cards.

We’ll be auctioning them off on Ebay. All proceeds will go to a charity called First Book.


I’ll post pics as I get them.

But if you’re a creator…or know one…please let me know. If you won’t be at the con…I’ll happily send you a couple cards.

It’s a great cause that helps get books to kids who can’t get them. It helps promote literacy.


Thanks…and hope you all have a great weekend!