Wow. So you really like Nastajia’s new look?

Whew! I’m so glad. You spend so much time (and money) doing something like this…and so many months planning and building. Thank you.

And for those that were asking…NO this is NOT a permanent costume change.

Just for a bit. So she can get her clothes cleaned and let her hair down a bit.


I had a question for you all…

If I were to offer “incentives” for either votes for Topwebcomics…or Twitter followers.

What would you like to see?

I was thinking about “for every week we’re in the top 10 of Topwebcomics” or “for every week we’re in the top spot of Topwebcomics” or even “for every 100 new Twitter followers” I would do something special.

If I did…and with about 20,000 readers a day…we shouldn’t have a problem with any of these things…

…what would you want it to be?

1) A saturday page?

2) New desktops?

3) More “making ofs”?

4) A free Giveaway? Toys, books, etc.

5) Original art for sale cheap?

6) Original page art?


Just throwing some ideas around.

As a webcomic creator…I have to constantly keep track of our hits, our fanbase, etc.

So I need to know what YOU…the readers…would like in return for a little extra help in us getting the word out about Dreamland.

You know I don’t like to ask for too much. So I want it to be fair. What can I give you all in exchange for extra Twitter followers or Topwebcomics votes?


Let me know.


And thank you for reading each day. I hope you enjoy today’s page.

I had fun with this and yesterday’s page. Though honestly…I love this whole chapter.