Another 8 panel page.

Yikes. What’s this world coming to?

Well…I hope you don’t mind essentially getting what would have been 4 pages turned into 2 pages over the last 2 days.

In other news…

The Penguins forced a game 7 last night! Yay! So happy.

Hoping that maybe…just MAYBE they can pull of an upset win and hoist the Stanley Cup in Detroit.

How cool would THAT be???


Oh…and great news. I finished my latest book. Animal Crackers!

Here’s the cover that Tracy Bailey did…

We have some tweaking to go. But this book isn’t due until first quarter 2010. So we have some time.

We just needed to solicit this and Dreamland book 4 by today.

Now I have to put together my schedule for next year. I have 6 more books coming out next year (7 if you include Dreamland).

Boy…what am I getting myself into?

I hope you guys are doing well…and have a great day.