The downside to 3D comics…

I sometimes get a section of the book that requires a new 3D model. But the scene is only in one or two panels.

Since each environment can cost me upwards of $2000 each. I try not to waste the money if I will only see it for a couple of panels….and never again.

In the distance for this page…we were supposed to see a devastated forest.

Where Paddington’s people used to live.

Stefano was only notified that I NEEDED a model for this like LAST WEEK.

I hadn’t really thought about it…since it’s not a major environment (he’s currently working on environments needed for chapter 16…that’s like  a year or two from now).

Anyways. I put the sunset in…and felt it didn’t affect the story one way or another.

There’s another scene on Thursday’s page that has Kiwi glancing over the forest. I’ll see if it’s OK too.

Maybe I’m overthinking it. But please let me know (maybe after this whole “paddington/kiwi” sequence is over) if I should go back and put that in the background later on.


Other than that…hope your 3 day weekend was good. And hope you enjoyed the page.