Hey guys.

It’s Friday and I’ve got page 2 of this chapter.


I’m currently working on page 5. So I’m already ahead a bit.

I figure 2 weeks of 3 days a week should give me enough cushion to start going 5 days a week again.

I can’t wait.



It’s the first of the month. I haven’t updated my incentive. But if you’d like to vote us into a decent spot…feel free to click the link below and vote.



Still a few followers away from 1,000,000 followers. So tell your friends who use Twitter to jump on the @ssava twitter train. You can watch me argue with my wife every day. It’s fun. 😛


Aaaannnnnddd that’s about it.

I wish I had some interesting news. But I’m working hard at pages…and that’s good enough for me.

Hope you are all healthy and safe and not licking any pigs or anything.

Be safe…and have a wonderful weekend.