One more page to go!

Man. This was a fun chapter. I can’t believe it’s almost over.

We started this chapter…what?…September?

Anyways. I hope you’ve enjoyed everything so far.

I’ve been noticing that these pages are a little light…but on my production computer…it’s fine. That’s because the monitor is calibrated for print.

The books usually print darker. So trust me…these pages will look a bit better in print. But all of the books so far have come out wonderfully. You should really consider picking them up.

Not a plug or anything…ha ha. Just saying that they look good in book form.



Hope you enjoyed today’s page. See you tomorrow for the end of Chapter 13.

And remember. I’m taking a break after this. I’ll put up “making of” pages…but it’s a good time for me to heal up. And write chapter 14. I’ll of course be here every day. But we’ll talk more about that tomorrow.

See ya