Happy Monday everyone.

3 more pages to go after today’s page.

If possible…I’ll try to get all of them up this week.

Donna had a great weekend in L.A. for her friends wedding.

The boys and I spent the weekend playing video games and eating pizza and such.

We had a great boys weekend as well.

Thankfully my parents are nearby and Grandma cooked all weekend for us too.


Back is still a work in progress. Still extreme pain. Especially when sitting. But I’ve also not been taking any medication for the pain. So I’m basically feeling EVERYTHING.

But I can feel the exersise is working. And that’s good. I’ll let you all know if anything changes.

Thank you again for your patience with 3 days a week last week.

And thank you again for all your wonderful encouragment.

We love you guys. Our whole Sava family. Thank you.