Well…I made another update.


It’s not the way I had the page laid out in storyboard. But I hope it works.

You guys won’t know until the next two pages come in.

I still need to relight the first 4 panels from last page…and of course the previous page before that.

But I’ll get to that when I’m healthy again.


In other news…

Brigid Alverson did a wonderful piece on me that came out yesterday. If you’d like to find out about my other books.


Thanks to Brigid and Publisher’s Weekly.


I’m still several weeks away from full strength. But hopefully as time goes by…I can sit longer and do more pages.

I should have another page by Friday. THen we’ll see how I feel over the weekend.

Thank you all. I know I’ve been saying this a lot. But…what more can I say?