Ok…let’s get this one out of the way…

Yes…the rat-guard has no pants.

Yes…he has no…um…”private parts” that show.

No…I do NOT know where they are…and don’t want to think about it. OK?

I wrote this part with “guard 01” as the one who gets kicked.

By the time I got to this page, though, the rat guy was already being used.


So…I’m open to suggestions. Or we can all agree to just not think about.

Your choice.


Also. Saw the Orthopedist today. They took X-rays. They’ll do MRI on Monday.

But his initial thoughts are a Herniated disc. He’s thinking back surgery. But honestly…Donna and I both agree…it shouldn’t come to that.

The steroids are supposed to make me angry…but I’m not really an angry person by nature…and so far I haven’t yelled at anyone.

I have been feeling a bit blue the last couple days. So maybe that’s how the steroids are affecting me.

WHo knows?

Either way. I’m going to do my best to work through all of this. It’ll all be fine soon.

Please let me know if the quality of work over the next week drops in any way. I’d have to have this injury and meds affect Dreamland. I feel bad enough even talking about it to you guys.

I was always brought up to only talk about the “good things” in our lives. And leave the “bad things” to family. But you guys are kinda’ like family. And I feel you deserve to know what’s going on. Especially if it’ll affect the updates or the quality.

OK. I think I’ve said enough.

I still plan on going to Wondercon next week. But if the MRI shows anything bad…we may have to reconsider.

I’ll let you all know as I find out more.

Thanks for all of your prayers, support, well wishes, and good thoughts.