Happy Monday everyone.

For those of you wondering what I got Donna for Valentines day…

I have been trying to get my hands on this particular volume of Pride and Prejudice that was made in 1894.

After a couple years of ebaying unsuccessfully…(it usually runs about $1,500)…I finally won it for about 1/5th of that.


It looks like this…

It’s apparently the “famous peacock edition”. But other than it being made 114 years ago…and illustrated by Hugh Thompson…I know nothing else about it.

Donna’s a HUGE Pride and Prejudice fan…and I’ve been wanting to get this for her for quite a while. So I’m happy…and of course…she’s happy.

If anyone knows anything more about the history of this version…please do let us know.

Oh…and for anyone wondering what I got?


I love toblerone.


Other than that…the boys have a 3 day weekend. And I’m still laid up with my back/leg pain.

We’re now on steroids…and maybe an MRI today.

It’s pretty bad. As in…REALLY painful. But not enough to keep me from working. I just need to take a lot of breaks.

Chapter 13 is slowly wrapping up. We’ll actually be done with Chapter 13 on March 20th.

So I’m going to have to start finalizing the script for chapter 14.

I may have to take a short break in between chapters again. But will keep you informed on all of that.


I’ve also added a FAQ in place of where Characters used to be.

So if anyone has any questions…read it…and if I’ve missed something…feel free to leave a comment there.

I’ll do my best to answer it.


Thanks again and hope you all have a wonderful week.