Hey everyone.

So we are finally past the cute…and entering…THE DRAMA part of the flashback.



I’m trying to book a trip to San Francisco for WonderCon.

I am planning on going back to visit my old school Academy of Art for the first time in like 20 years.

Are any of you attending the con?


I’ve still not really got an idea of what the best Anime conventions I should consider. So still open to that if you guys have ideas. Definitely ones where I can get an invite would get higher priority.

I hope you all have enjoyed this week. Our second week of cuteness.

I’ve been toiling over the whole “stealing thing” but it is who Felicity is. Even back then.

It only makes sense that she’d teach Nicole. The Dreamland Chronicles goes into the TEEN MANGA section of Borders and Barnes and Noble. So it’s not aimed for kids. But still good for kids.

Do any parents have any objections to this part of the story?

Please let me know and thanks again all.

See you on Monday. Have a wonderful weekend. And hope you enjoy the Super Bowl.