Thank you all for the warm wishes yesterday for our 3 year anniversary of Dreamland being online.

So…now we start a new year. I’m sure I’ll blink and it’ll soon be 2010. Wow.

But for now…let’s enjoy 2009 for a bit as much as we can.


I’m trying to plan out my conventions for this year.

So far I have…


Heroes Con

Comic Con

Baltimore Con


I think I’ll be doing a local Anime convention…and hopefully some more.

Anyone have any suggestions?

It’ll be “finances permitting”…but I’d like to see what your thoughts are.


A week ago…I was on’s forum and there was a thread asking to “show your work space”.

I  decided that was a fun thing to do…and posted.

In the spirit of fun…I’ll post here as well.

My render machines and laptop. Along with my wall of some of my favorite comics from old…


My set up. The monitor on the left is for the 3D machine. The monitor in the middle is shared by both computers. The right monitor is for my “photoshop” machine. Techically they’re identical machines…but it’s good to have one set up for 2D and one for 3D. The laptop is to the right.


My drawing table. I do my sketches for the books here. My white board. Keeps me on schedule and organized.


Behind me…my toys and light table. Colored pencils and fax/copier. You’ll see a “terrastation” or 3. I have over 3 terrabytes of work from all the years of animation and all the way to today with all of the work on Dreamland. It’s incredible that we can fill up so much space.


My old render farm. Some awards. More toys. And Donna had my Spider-Man series framed the year it came out. What a wonderful Christmas present.



So…that’s a mini tour of my office. The move to nashville really allowed me to have a bigger office space…and I’ve already filled it up. Yikes.

But I love it. And it’s fun to have the kids come down and play while I work. They are absolutely FASCINATED by my sketching. So if you see little fingerprints in your copy of the Dreamland Chronicles…they got too close to me while sketching for you. Sorry.

Thanks and hope you enjoy this “light” moment with Dan and Nicole.