I think we saw this coming…

Dan couldn’t resist. I know I wouldn’t be able to.


Some news…

The store is officially closing on Sunday night.

So fair warning. Anyone who wants the deals up there will have to order before Monday morning.



Kids went back to school yesterday. This was our first official Christmas/Winter break. They took it very well and were glad to go back to school (new Batman and Transformers backpacks didn’t hurt either).

We got exciting news as well. Carey Burch from the Nashville office of my agency William Morris was able to get me tickets for my family for tomorrow’s Predators game where the Pittsburgh Penguins come to play.

You don’t know this…but my son Brendan is a RABID Sidney Crosby fan.

He has the action figure, jersey, hockey cards, etc.

Even has a picture of him next to his bed.


I mentioned to Carey that I was thinking of picking up tickets for us to go see them (and take the twins to their first hockey game that Daddy wasn’t playing in). She told me to hold up.

A couple days later (yesterday) she emailed me telling me that William Morris apprently represents the NHL in some way and left me 4 tickets for my family.

Special thanks to Andre Mika from the NHL for doing this. I’ll take pictures and let you guys know how it goes on Thursday night.

Brendan was so excited…he started crying. I’m excited for him. This is going to be fun.


Anyways. Thanks for sharing these moments with us. I know with us being sick for the last month…we needed some fun news. So here it is.

Hope you have a great day…