Happy Monday Everyone!

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Some things to talk about…


Karen did a wonderful pin-up of Nastajia and Kiwi where she ribs me for Nastajia’s gloomy demeanor.

Thanks Karen!



I got an adorable pic of reader Lazette’s kitty with her new Paddington Plush.

For the record. Zaphod is a BIG kitty. Paddington’s 15 inches tall when he stands.

I’m just saying…


It got me thinking…maybe we should do a “PADDINGTON PHOTO GALLERY”?

Something where everyone takes pictures with him all over the world?




I was sent a wonderful Fan Page from Scott Arsenault. Creator of Commander Kitty!



And some other parting thoughts…

Have any of you had any problems with ads setting off your virus warnings or anything? I’ve received 2 emails to date.


Lora Innes (the Dreamer) and I have been toying around with a crossover one day. Any thoughts on that?

nothing serious yet. But honestly (even if Lora isn’t convinced yet)…I really like the idea.



I hope you have a great week…and thanks for reading!