Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend.

Thanks again for the couple days off last week. I really DO appreciate it.

We had a great Christmas with family. The boys had a wonderful time…and therefore Donna and I had a wonderful time. Each Christmas with the kids seems to get better and better.

They enjoy it more…and so do we.

I got my leather jacket I wanted. So I look really cool now. Watch out!


I think we may have the store up (and the sale of course) for another week or two. After that….everything will be sold through IDW’s store. And I won’t be able to sign or do sketches.

So…if you’ve been waiting…you have about 2 weeks left before the store goes bye bye.

Other than that…everyone’s healthy (almost) and happy. I hope you and your family are well…and let’s get ready for 2009!

Hope you enjoy today’s page.