Hi all…

No headaches today. So I think I’m all better.



Did anyone catch the fact that Nastajia reached out to put her hand on Alex’s in panel 2?

Just wondering.


In other news…

All orders to date have been shipped.

All of them except for any order that had Felicity and/or Alexander.

Remember…they were still on the boat from the manufacturer in China.

I’ve been told we should have them by Friday or Saturday.

Which means ALL orders will be out by Monday at the latest.


I hope this means you ALL get them before Christmas. But if not…I hope you remembered this was the caveat I gave when posting about them. I’m sorry…but we can only do so much.


In the meanwhile…I have gotten SO much better at sketching over the last 2 years. I don’t mean to brag…ha ha…I just am more confident and really am enjoying it more.

I hope you’ve liked all of your sketches. We’ve had some fun requests for obscure characters and such. But I still love drawing the main gang the most.


Please let me know if you got your orders OK. I enjoy hearing from you.

Thank you again and hope you have a great day.