Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you had a good weekend.

I finished ALL of the orders up until yesterday’s orders. So every order is going out today.

If you haven’t recieved yours yet. It’s gone out today.

We had so many orders (thank you all) and still so many coming in.

Since I’m doing personalized sketches in every book…and we missed a week being at Philcon and then NY for THanksgiving….it kind of piled up.

But I hope you all like your sketches and books and Paddingtons and Nastajias and Kiwis.


Felicity and Alexander are in Los Angeles and on their way to us here in Franklin, TN.

I hope to have them by next week and then ship out all of the orders that included them.


Again…thank you for your patience. Thank you for your orders.

We still have a couple boxes left of Kiwi. And I think enough Paddingtons to make it through the end of the year.

SO please place your orders soon if you’ve been making up your mind.




I apologize to all of you who emailed me last week regarding my Blue Dream Studios website.

I did get all of your emails and would VERY much like to work with some of you who’ve offered to help. Really.

I just need to catch up on things before I can even clear off some of my emails. I will reply.


I hope you enjoy today’s page.