We’re home again…

I had such a wonderful time at Philcon. The people I met were the absolute NICEST people! They treated me like royalty and it made me feel awkward the whole time…ha ha.

I’ve never been a guest of honor before. It was very surreal.

I hope to go again to Philcon.


You may notice that yesterday’s page has been upgraded. Yes…I told you I was a noodler when it comes to lighting.

I also reallized that with the newer render machines I can render full blown reflections. So now if you’ll notice Alexander’s armor and sword might seem a bit different. It’s because they’re actually reflecting the world around them. Not just a “trick” I used called reflection maps that simply made it LOOK like it was reflecting something…when it really wasn’t.

I hope you like the upgrade.

On the other computers it would have taken an extra day to render this. But it’s only an extra 20 minutes now per frame.

A pittance. It’s nothing.




I am going to sit down and do my sketches this morning. We’re packing up the orders (the ones that do NOT include Felicity and/or Alexander) and getting those out to you this week.

Thank you for your patience.

A note. We are almost out of Kiwi figures. Seriously. That’s 1000 Kiwi figures. And we’re almost out. Yikes.

So if you planned on getting one…you may want to consider doing this before Christmas.

We still have about 100 paddingtons left. So I think we’ll make it to the end of the year. I’m not sure.


Thanks all. Hope you enjoy the Centaurs of Aethos. I’m so happy to hear you’re enjoying the Native American look and feel to these wonderous creatures. I’ve always felt they would be “earthy” people of the land…and therefore always pictured them as Native Americans.

Special thanks to Stefano for the village, Karen for the character designs, David Camarasa and Ivan Perez for character models, and Juan Carlos Prados Herrada for the rigging and morphs.

Every chapter is a new adventure for me and always finds new challenges. This one is no exception. I couldn’t do it without their help.