More Nicole “rationalizing”. Can you blame her?

I considered adding dialog to the last two frames. Worried it didn’t work visually. It’s hard to do something like that with only two frames.

Please let me know if it works.

For those who DIDN’T get it…Dan hears her insult (even though she’s really just mumbling to herself) and wants to punch her. Alex wisely stops him and shakes his finger no….in a “just let it go” kind of way.

I HOPE it works.



We have a garage full of Paddington plushes and they’re SO ADORABLE!

I’m going to be doing sketches in the books for the rest of the week before we head off to Philadelphia for Philcon!

Have you got your tickets yet? Anyone here going to come by and say hi?

Check out the post in the blog below.


And lastly…I’ll just paste yesterday’s info about the store again.

Have a great day everyone!



Thank you all who have ordered stuff from the store.

I’ve done everything I can to accomodate your needs. I hope there’s enough selections to make everyone happy.

We’ve sold 1/3 of the Paddington plushes already. WOW! So if you’re on the fence…in only 2 days…we’re already 1/3 sold out of them.

This doesn’t mean we can’t get more…just maybe not by Christmas.


Also…please remember that we do NOT have the Felicity and Alexander figures in yet. We’re still waiting for them so any orders with them in it will be delayed.


And lastly…please PLEASE PLEASE don’t forget to add your characters you want sketched and if you want the book personalized (and to whom) when you check out. There’s a box. Fill it.


Here’s a recap from Fridyay…

Felicity and Alexander are on their way here.


Make sure you check out the savings. It’s a lot.

I want you all to have these before they all go to the distributor.