Hi all…

I’ve put up a HUGE SALE on the store! HUGE.



Here’s the deal…

We are now with IDW as our publisher. This means ALL of my inventory is going away.

I’ll have some for conventions…but my store is going away.

So…for the next month and a half…I have one last chance to BLOW OUT everything to you.

I’m almost giving this stuff away. Please go check it out.

As always…I will sign and do sketches in the books.

The Paddington Plushes…we have.

Felicity and Alexander are on their way here.

So if you order something with them in it…there WILL be a delay.

We’re hopeful we can get all shipments with Felicity and/or Alexander to everyone by Christmas. But please keep that in mind when ordering. And always feel free to email me questions.

Anyways. I hope you’ve all enjoyed this week of reveals and story arcs and such.

I had a blast showing you…and if you think THIS was fun…wait until you see the REST of what’s in store for you for chapter 13. It’s definitely my favorite chapter EVER!


Anyways. Please PLEASE check out the store.


Make sure you check out the savings. It’s a lot.

I want you all to have these before they all go to the distributor.


NOTE: Donna is looking into CHEAPER International shipping. We should know by mid-day if we can get it any cheaper. Thank you ALL!

Ok…I’m done…for now. Thanks all.