Happy Monday!

I hope you didn’t eat too much candy (like we did) for Halloween.

I’m finalizing Book Three for the printer and have added every drop of Fan Art I could find.

I put them up for everyone to view and check over for spelling and proper credit on the forum…


Book Three looks great (if I say so myself)…but I’m REALLY excited about this book. I can’t wait to get Book 4 out. But I know that’s a year away.

Anyways. Hope you enjoy the week and thank you for the support.

Remember…you can support us this week in the following ways.


2) Buy the books in the stores. (every ordered book at a Barnes and Noble or other “brick and mortar” store tells retailers that they should order more Dreamland Books)

3) Order from our store. (we have some specials coming up in the next couple weeks…so hang tight)

4) Just telling your friends and family about this site. The more readers…the more people who come and enjoy the story, the better.


Thank you again for all of your support.