They don’t apologize.



Originally I had (in the script) the whole exchange between Nastajia and Bognok being all in the face.

Bognok had a “please forgive me” look on his face. Nastajia stared into his eyes…then understood.

He nods…then smiles. She nods…then turns and runs off.


But I think that would have taken up about 2 pages of panels to get across. And I know how much you guys LOOOVE that…ha ha.

I literally just wrote that line from Bognok in the 3rd panel because Donna read the page (with only the dialog in the first and last panel) and thought it needed more as well.

I hope it works. It feels a bit rushed.


And thank you guys also for the advice and feedback on page 748. I may go back and have some of those dwarves coming off the panel. Or I may try and light it a bit better. I’ll also move the “THOOM”.

Thank you all.