Hey all…

Again…I apologize for the lack of replying to emails. I have a very full inbox.

Dad’s back in the hospital again and the boys officially start school in the morning.

Add that to everything else…and…well I do apologize for not replying to all the emails.

Since I do reply to every one…just please be patient.


Other than that. I hope you enjoy this last week of Dreamland Chapter 12.


I can’t believe I’ve reached the halway point in the series. I’m so excited.

Thank you again for indulging me in taking some time off to catch up on pages after this.

I don’t know how long it’ll be. But I hope it’s not more than a few weeks.

I still have only recieved a couple guest strips and pin-ups.

So if you were planning on doing something. Please get them in.


Thanks and I’ll keep you updated on the family and all as it goes (or watch the Twitter feed to the right if you want current updates).