Sorry all for the site being a bit edgy. The hosting company is still sub-par.

I’m looking for a better host that can handle the bandwidth intelligently….sigh.

Still…I hope you please hang in there during any outages.

Thank you to all the new readers who said hi.

For the record…I’m done with my latest book Magic Carpet. So I’m back on Dreamland again.


And to everyone who keeps asking. Again…if you have a pin up, comic page, or anything like that you’d like to do for the Guest pages…please go for it.

As long as it’s PG…I’m cool with it.

I’ll of course proof everything that comes in…but please don’t ask if it’s ok. Just go for it.

If I have enough days to put up everyones…I will. If not…it’ll go below in the blog.

So you’ll get your day…I promise.



Thank you again and please keep them guest strips/pages/pin-ups coming.