Hey all…

A couple things today.

1) I totally screwed up and put the word bubbles for Nicodemus on the wrong pages.

This means that there was SUPPOSED to be one when you see his foot 2 pages ago. Then a different one yesterday for the full page splash.

I only realized today when going over the script and I went back and fixed it.

I swear…sometimes I’m amazed I can still find my computer to write this.

2) I did a guest strip for Wapsi Square!

Now…before any of you get up in arms by the drawing I did at the bottom of the page…I’m simply having fun with a fellow webcomic creator.

As you know…There are a lot of SPECTACULAR webcomics out there…but very few of them are All Ages friendly.

Over the years this has put me in a sad position of not being able to “pimp” my friends and colleagues.

So please allow me to introduce some “more mature” comics from time to time. I promise to warn parents and as always I’ll continue to do my best to keep the ads and links All Ages.

So…without further adodoo….


Please check out his comic and tell Paul hi from Dreamland.

3) We have 2 weeks left of pages for Chapter 12. Just a heads up. After this…I will be taking a break to regroup and gain some more back pages.

4) I’ve still only received one page of guest pages. So please get the word out to your favorite creators and artists.


Other than that…I hope you are all enjoying this (I think I said this on Friday) and please PLEASE don’t miss Wednesday’s page. I think you’ll really like it.