I hope the action came across OK on this page.

Bognok…in disbelief…lets go of the ring and slumps in place.

The ring rolls. Past Nastajia, Kiwi (not shown), Felicity, Alex, Paddington (also not shown), and eventually…into a familiar red foot.

Anyways. I hope you like. Tomorrow…we see who the foot is attached to (though I doubt anyone DOESN’T know the answer to that).



And on a different note…

The boys start their first day of Kindergarten today.

It’s just a 2 hour introduction…but I can’t tell you how nervous I am that my 5 year old boys are going to be in Elementary School. It’s just horrifying.

The school is “easing” them in. 2 hours here.

A couple hours next week.

Every other day the week after…

Then BAM! 5 days a week from 8:30am to 3:30 pm.

CRAZY hours! I’m exhausted thinking about it.


Anyways. Wish us luck.

I think me more than the boys. They’re SO excited.