In which Scott has a journey through Los Angeles trying to find a wi fi connection…

Wow…what a day. After doing EVERYTHING I could to get a connection here at my buddy Kevin’s place last night…I gave up and told you guys I’d try this morning.

This morning I went to breakfast for a meeting with my producer. It was off of Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

So of course…no wi fi. I guess rich people don’t need to get on the internet.

Then over to my agent’s place. William Morris.

This place is HUGE.

They have wi fi.

But no one had the passwords to get in.


Then for a meeting at Dreamworks…they have wi fi.

But again. No passwords.

So…I thought. I’ll go to Starbucks.

I always see people on laptops there (when my wife needs her fix).

I get to a starbucks and offer to PAY for wi fi.

They tell me I need to buy a gift card.

Go home


Wait 24 hours for my password.

Then come back and enjoy “free wifi”

I asked if I could just give her a $20. I only needed 2 minutes online.

She wouldn’t help me.

FINALLY. I get back to my buddy’s place and decide to literally ROAM AROUND THE APARTMENT looking for someone’s stray wi fi connection.

Can you believe this? I’m reduced to stealing other people’s internet connection.

Needless to say. I found some poor fool who didn’t put a password on his wireless modem and I quickly uploaded the page (including tomorrows)

Again. My apologies for this. But as most have you have been so kind to point out. After over 2 and a half years of never missing a day (and technically since it’s still MOnday..I haven’t missed a day) I can not kill myself for this.

But boy what an adventure.

My memories of L.A. were always of wifi everywhere. Or I guess that’s what I THOUGHT it was.

I hope you enjoy the pages and thank you again for your patience and well wishes.

You guys truly are the best.

From Los Angeles…this is Scott…signing off.