Some days I feel like I’m not doing enough to connect with you all.

But I guess with the emails, Twitter, the Forum, this blog, and going to conventions…I’m not doing NOTHING…right?

I can’t believe it’s been 2 and a half years already. I still feel like I’m the “new guy” in webcomics. Like I’m still trying to prove myself here.

But things are going so well. YOu guys are so wonderful. I just hope you’re all enjoying the story…and please always feel like you can suggest things for more involvment.

I wish this could be more interactive somehow. But we’ll do the best we can.

I just keep putting my head down and working so hard…I guess sometimes I feel like I’m neglecting family, friends, and all of you readers.

Hopefully that’s not the case. But any thoughts on what MORE you’d like to see of me, the process, dreamland, etc….please chime in.

As Frasier Crane said…

‘I’m listening…”