Happy Wednesday!

So… there is only ONE MORE PAGE LEFT!!!!
That’s it. No more Dreamland after this.

14 years I’ve been working on this series for my twin boys Brendan DANIEL Sava and Logan ALEXANDER Sava!
11 years I’ve been posting a page a day online here.
7 (soon to be 8) graphic novels
4 (soon to be 5) kickstarters
6 languages you’ve all begun translating the comic into
Several awards (thank you)
4 figures (Alex, Nastajia, Kiwi, Felicity)
1 Plush (Paddington, of course)
10 trading/sketch cards
And so much more…

I’ve loved seeing your fan art, reading your letters, meeting you in person, seeing your cosplays, and friending you in real life.

You’ve supported me when we couldn’t afford new computers, printing, or even food to feed the kids.
You’ve encouraged me to finish. You’ve laughed, cried, and squealed with glee with me at each turn of the page.

I’m both saddened and excited to see this endeavor come to an end.
Thank you.

With the most profound love and gratitude,