SAD Monday…
(see? I read your comments)

Hope you all enjoy this week’s pages.

I wanted to give a SPECIAL shout out to my friends David Wise and Audry Taylor!

When Tracy took over on the art side… I still had over 200 pages left to write. The final chapter.

I had it plotted out, of course, but did NOT have the time (with the Animal Crackers movie taking up all of my time) to write it.

So, David and Audry (Audry was the genius who recommended I take Dreamland and put it online 11 years ago) offered to help me out.

A few extensive phone calls later… and they gave me a first draft of the first 50 pages. They were wonderful.

I was able to take them and rework some minor things and send it off to Tracy to begin art.

This has been going on for about 10ย months, and last week, I finally wrote my last page of Dreamland thanks to them.


So, thank you David and Audry. Thank you for encouraging me to pursue Dreamland and for helping me finish it.

You’re true friends.