So. There’s been a LOT of questions. Let’s recap… shall we?
1) Nicodemus has tried on SEVERAL occasions to control, coerce, kill, subdue, or detain Alexander.
2) This last plea to join forces was also unfruitful. Alex just won’t help.
3) Arthur remained alive (in between worlds) thanks to Nicodemus and the Wraiths interrupting Merlin’s spell. This kept the throne filled until Arthur passed away. Giving Nicodemus about 1,000 years to rule while Arthur remained in Limbo.
4) This kept EVERY successor after Arthur out of Dreamland (because Arthur was technically alive)… up until Alex.
5) Daniel was the true King. He was the next successor that would have been kept from Dreamland just like every other before him (it’s NOT a bloodline thing… it’s a “chosen one” thing).
6) Because of a “cosmic mishap”, Alex (Daniel’s TWIN) grabbed the sword and was granted “temporary king status”.
7) At this moment… Arthur was released from his limbo. And finally passed away.
8) Alex tried a few times to give Dan the sword. Had Dan taken it… Alex would never be able to go to Dreamland again. (Orion explained this).
9) Nicodemus used his magic to essentially send the sword to the RIGHTFUL king “forcefully”. Something that truly wouldn’t be too difficult considering his status as the Kings’ adviser (and the one to ensure the NEXT king comes to power).
10) Why Nicodemus HASN’T done this already is simple. Why would Nicodemus want the TRUE king in Dreamland when he could deal with a “lesser” king.
11) Unfortunately… the “lesser king” proved to be quite a formidable foe (and his friends) and unwilling to listen to reason or logic.
12) Which leads us here. Alex has lost his key to Dreamland. He can NEVER use it again.
Hope that explains everything. And I HOPE the story isn’t SO complicated that I would need to explain this to everyone who reads it. Yikes.
The pitfalls of a larger story are, of course, some of the “seeds” I’ve planted hundreds of pages ago might be forgotten by now.
I hope I’ve done an adequate job in weaving a believable and compelling (if not at least entertaining) story.
I look to you all to help me with this. So, please, comment away and let me know your thoughts