Thought balloons…

I don’t use them. In fact… I can’t remember ever using them in Dreamland.

Though, I suspect I might have once. I don’t know.

Anyways. My script didn’t call for the dialogue/thought in the second and third panels.

But I didn’t feel it was clear enough otherwise once I put the art to the page.


The next 3 pages are going to be flashbacks explaining the “mission” the Pharoah and Queen had sent Felicity on.

I didn’t know if I should “fade out” the edges of these panels or something.


Any thoughts? Thought bubbles? Yes or no.

Edges on the flashback panels? Wiggly? Faded? Keep them?


The pitfalls of doing daily comics is… you just don’t really have time to work these things out.

Would love some feedback.