Hi all!

Is this disgusting, or what?

Should I add a “LICK” or “SHLORP” sound?

Also… have you all checked out our Dutch translation going on?


We have volunteers for French, German, Polish, Spanish, and Italian so far…


So if you’d like to help out with the translations (if you would like to translate) or if you have Photoshop skills (you don’t translate…but you can edit the dialogue in Photoshop and can save out the jpg files) please post here.

Or feel free to email [email protected]

Caspar has taken on WAY more than I think he wanted to… ha ha. I have been forwarding everyone to him and he’s been amazing.

Aside from translating 1600+ pages to Dutch and posting daily… he’s also handling the site and everyone’s questions.

Thanks Caspar!


Anyways… back to Dreamland.

Have a wonderful day!