And with a familiar face… Chapter 19 comes to an end!

I haven’t counted… but I believe Nicodemus has been the end of at LEAST half a dozen chapters. Don’t you think?

I guess I just love him so much. I always include him in the ending shot of my chapters.

I’m so predictable.


Anyways. I hope you have all enjoyed this recent chapter.

The Nightmare Realm was fun to explore. Abaddon is a cool character. I’ve always been fascinated with the Hive Mind type.

We’ll learn more of “The Dreamer” (and no… as fun as that sounds… the Dreamer isn’t a Revolutionary War High School student named Bea!) in the next Chapter.

We’ll find out what REALLY happened to Nastajia.

And we’ll see how Daniel, Nicole, and Nastajia’s parents have planned to stop a world invasion.


I’ll have new pages for you in a couple of weeks. I need to finish the script and we have a few new models that need to be built.

Please take a few minutes to go back and re-read the Chapter from the beginning.


I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thank you again!