Sorry again, folks, to those of you who catch Dreamland via RSS.
In my feeble attempt to get your attention… I blundered into MAJOR SPOILER territory.
I hope you can forgive me.
You’d think after almost 2,000 pages of comics… I’d have LEARNED this.
Anyways. Thank you all for your show of love and support for Nastajia and for all of your speculations on her future.
Reading all of your views on what plot twists would make you happy makes me want to write MULTIPLE outcomes for all of you.
I love where the story would go if I take it in these directions.
But, alas… I have had the story plotted for over a decade and as most of you know… I’m a SAP.
I’m a softy. I love happy endings. And while I LOVE soap opera plot twists and such… I think those of you who’ve known me/read Dreamland long enough will know how this will all pan out.
I know there’s no way to make EVERYONE happy. But I hope those of you who are looking for a Game of Thrones type of story can still appreciate my writing.
Thanks again!
Have a WONDERFUL weekend!