Happy Monday/Labor Day!

I have a special treat for you…

My buddy Frank Cho (Marvel Superstar Artist for Wolverine, Avengers, and Xmen) has sent me the first sketches of the EPIC DREAMLAND CHRONICLES POSTER he’s working on for our Kickstarter!


I asked Frank to take my Dreamland Chronicles characters and draw them in his style. This is his take on Nicodemus.

This is just the left side of what will be an enormous 22×57 inch poster.


The ONLY way you can get it is if you back the Kickstarter. ALL backers ($25 and up) will get a FREE copy of the poster.

I’ll continue to post updates as I get them.

But the Push Goal we’re shooting for is $25k for everyone to get the free poster (that will cover my costs of printing and shipping to everyone).

We’re not even halfway through our Kickstarter and well on our way to that Push Goal. So we SHOULD be okay.

Still. Help get the word out. The Nicodemus Plush is just past that Push goal too.