Happy Monday!

So, 4 days in and we’re already 50% of our goal! Yay!

In case you hadn’t seen…we have several “PUSH GOALS” to meet that would unlock special new things. T-Shirts, Sketchbooks, more cards, and…Nicodemus Plushes!

So, please help us push past our goal so we can all get Nicodemus plushes…okay?




This is the last page of the flashback.

With so many questions being asked by you all regarding how the portals work…I’m thinking of adding 2 pages where Alexander actually asks”If they got the portal 2 years ago… why hasn’t there been an attack on Earth already?”

The answer, of course, is that ONE portal doesn’t do anything. You need the Earth one (which Ramses destroyed).

Do you feel the extra two pages are needed? or do you feel it would be redundant?