Please check it out. I made a video and EVERYTHING!

Plus…I think I came up with nice packages and stuff.


Please let me know what you think!


I really don’t have any grandiose expectations of making a lot of money. I’m happy with just enough to print the books. Really.

But…I was wondering…IF we were to make enough to do Nicodemus Plushes… how many of you would like to do a DESIGN CONTEST for the plush?

I thought it might be fun. With the winner getting their name credited on each plush…lots of free plushes…and other stuff.

What do you think?


Anyways. Just dreaming, I guess. But…that is what I do…ha ha.

Anyways. Please help us get the word out on this. I love to hear when people get the books and toys.

It makes me so happy.


Oh. And please tell me I don’t come across TOO goofy in the video.