Hi all!

So, I’m about to get the Book Six Kickstarter up and running in the next few days.

For this one, I was thinking of doing a little video.

I may have it be just me talking for a bit. Or I may do something bigger. We’ll see.


I’m looking into some other INCENTIVES/GOALS for this one as they seem to be “all the rage”.

Here’s what I have so far…


Your choice pin-up
Alternative Endings?
Short stories
Nicodemus Plushes
Daniel/Nicole/Niviene/Arthur/Merlin/ Toys
Everyone gets special edition cover if certain number is reached?
Multiple covers?
Art Nouveau Prints of Dreamland characters
Give away the original paintings to 4-5 people?
Blank or With my sketches
Any thoughts?
If we reach our goal…what would you like to see?