Hi all!

Sorry for the delay.

Funny story. When I get new workstations (as you guys so kindly helped make happen), I tend to say “WOO HOO! Now I can flip some more ‘render switches’ and make it look better!”

Most of the times, I have no idea WHAT the buttons and switches do. Just that when I turn them up… the images look nicer.

Yeah. I’m a real techie…huh?

But with the improvements come bigger render times.

No problem for my new workstations…right?


Well… yesterday, with things going so smoothly with this new scene, I thought “Maybe I can turn some of these nobs and make it look better!”

30 hours later…sigh… the render finished.

And no. I can’t tell the difference between this and the 4 hour render.

So…consider this a FAILED experiment.



In other news…

I just saw (thanks to the project wonderful ad on the right) that my buddies at No Need For Bushido are running a Kickstarter Campaign!

Aside from the horror of finding out 3 days AFTER it started (shakes fist at Alex and Joe) I’m delighted to see them “going pro” as they put it.

It’s a wonderful story with beautiful art.

Please check it out!