Happy Monday!

I have a bit of bad news.

Stefano, who has been designing and modelling Dreamland environments for the last 10 years has to move on.

The combination of his day job and lack of family time has been just too much for him.

The main street of Seraphopolis will be his last model for me.

Here’s a work in progress…

Now… this leaves me in a tight spot.

I have several more environments I’ll need to create for this chapter alone.

I don’t like this uncertainty…but Stefano has grown to be a dear friend over these many years…and I respect his need for more time with his family.

I’m searching for someone to replace him.

This won’t be easy as Stefano is the most talented environmental artist I’ve ever worked with.

Hopefully I won’t have to stop production. I’m going to see if I can re-use models to at least finish this chapter out.

I’ll keep you all updated on things.


In the meanwhile. I hope you enjoy this week’s pages.