Happy Monday!

Hope you enjoy this week.


Okay. So I’ve plotted out the start date for the next Kickstarter campaign to pre-order Book Six.

Assuming we go for a 60 day Kickstarter drive… And again going for about $9,000 minimum to get the book printed (though with shipping and all it’s closer to $13k)…

…I’m thinking I should start August 01.

This will have the Kickstarter drive end at the end of Chapter 18.


Some questions:
1) Do you think I should do a video this time?
2) If so… do any of you have any experience editing video?
3) Seeing as Kickstarter is very popular now… what incentives have you seen in OTHER Kickstarter campaigns that you’d like to see in this one?
4) Any other advice?

As always…I am so thankful to all of your support over the years. And I NEVER want to seem like I’m asking too much.

All my Kickstarter drives should EVER be is a way to pre-order the books in a way that allows me to be “out of pocket” as little as possible.

So while other comics are raising hundreds of thousands (to millions) of dollars for their Kickstarter drives… I’m still QUITE happy with making enough to print the next book.

What can I do to make it a better experience?