Hi all!

Sorry for the delays.

This scene and all of the clouds and such…

Well…I wanted it to look nice.


I have a few things to talk about:

1) First things first…

Thank you Stefano for once again bringing my dreams to life.

Seraphopolis has been something I’ve wanted to see come to life for many years.

We’re working on the actual city for chapter 18. The blending of Egyptian, Dreamland, and Steampunk is something really cool I’m looking forward to seeing.


2) The Guardians (the descendents of Ramses II) are being rigged by Juan Carlos and HOPEFULLY will be done by this weekend so I can get the last 1 pages done.

If there’s a delay on Monday (there won’t be a page tomorrow)…that’s why.


3) This video game project I’m working on.

I’m currently Art Directing, Producing, Game Designing, Voice directing, Writing, and a bevy of other things that would normally kill a lesser man (joke).

The point is. This is the FIRST major paying gig I’ve had since starting Dreamland 10 years ago.

Well…since Predator Concrete Jungle (whenever that was).

I’ve set things up so I can remain home and continue to work on Dreamland.

I WILL finish this story.


But I ask that you please continue to be patient with me during this time.

The income will allow me to finish Dreamland. And that’s a good thing.

There’s going to be a hiatus between chapters as I gather the assets (models) and write the script.


I’ll check in daily.


In the meantime. See you on Monday.