Happy Thursday!

Thank you all SO much for your patience this week!

As I mentioned…I had to make a last minute trip to Los Angeles for a studio meeting.

Remember a few weeks ago when I said “this has been a bad week. A project I thought I had…went away”?

Well… it seems that we’ve worked all of that out.

I’ll, of course, tell you all about the project once I’m able to.

But for now…it is a video game based on a movie a buddy of mine sold to a big studio.

I’m not involved in the film. It’s not based on any of my books.

But, we’re making the video game for it. So that’s cool.



What does this mean for Dreamland?

Well… a couple of things.

1) I’ll have a bit more spending money to pay for the new characters of the upcoming chapters.

2) I’ll be able to pay for that third computer

3) I might have enough to go to a few more conventions

4) I may be coming out to Germany for a week (so maybe we could meet some of my German readers?)


There may be a bit of a delay here and there (like this week) if I do have to travel.

But for the potential of missed updates… this project will bring in a bit more financial certainty to helping me finish Dreamland.

And that’s a good thing.


I’m currently writing Chapter 18.

New characters are being designed, modeled, and rigged.

New environments are being designed and modeled.

So a LOT of behind the scenes work is happening for the next chapter.


Other than that… I hope you enjoy these last pages of this chapter.

Thank you for the votes, the clicks, and the comments.


You’re all so truly amazing…and I thank you all for being a part of Dreamland in such a powerful way.


See you tomorrow



Oh. I forgot to tell you…

The Second Computer came in on Tuesday!

Thank you guys so much!