It’s still Wednesday!


I found out why the renders were taking so long for today.

It had NOTHING to do with the processor speed.

There’s a BUG in the renderer.

If the scale of the scene gets too big…it slows down incrementally.

The sea bed that spans into the distance goes out for about a mile (relatively speaking).

I did a test render at lower size and settings and (with the sea bed) it took 10 minutes to render.

I deleted the sea bed…. 30 SECONDS!

So, you can imagine when I render full size and it normally takes 4 hours to render…it would have been a 4 day render.


Anyways. I scaled the sea bed down and managed to finish the page today.

Should be fine.


Still… the new computer pumped out its frame in 12 hours (not bad considering the other computers weren’t even a quarter of the way through by then)

I’ll hopefully have Thursday’s page up sometime by dinner time.

Thanks for your patience.



And if anyone’s interested in how I work out the story points for each chapter to write…

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