Hi all!

Again, my deepest apologies for missing Tuesday and Wednesday.

Entering this larger room in Niviene’s cave with all of the decorations and lights, these old workstations just couldn’t handle the renders in a respectable timeframe.

I wound up cutting each panel up into 6 smaller pieces and rendering them out in smaller chunks… then patching them together again.


Also… the big project we were counting on to cover the cost of new workstations just went up in smoke (or down the drain, depending on how you want to look at it).

Leaving us with a very large hole in our bank account.


I appreciate all of the support and offers to donate to help raise money for new computers. But let me see what I can do on my end first.

It’s not a pride thing. It’s just that you all have helped me and my family out so much over the years with your support already.

And computers are expensive.


I’m going to try cutting up tomorrow’s page…and if all goes well…I’ll be back on schedule this time tomorrow morning.

Thank you again



Oh…and I painted Gemma from Sons of Anarchy while I waited for the renders…